Routing problem with interfaces and gateways

  • Hello tout le monde,    :)

    I come to you 'cause I've got a little routing problem that i would like to solve.

    Explanation :

    • I've got a PFSense with several interfaces aa.aa.aa.aa,,, etc…
    • I wish a computer in the aa.aa.aa.aa network had different gateways if it wants to reach any computers in the or the network for example.

    Actually, I'd like that a computer in the aa.aa.aa.aa network goes through the internet (thanks to the gateway dd.dd.dd.dd) to reach the network. On the contrary, to go in the network the next hop is the default gateway.

    –-> When I ping (or traceroute) machines in the or network, the used route and gateway is the ones I want (either internet, or default).
    –-> On the contrary when I directly ping the or  interfaces, none gateway is used and the traceroute command tell me that the interface is directly accessible in only ONE hop.

    • Nevertheless I've added routing rules (System > Routing) or even i imposed the use of the desired gateway in the Firewall (Firewall > Rules)

    So, my question is : "Is it possible to force the use of a gateway even if the interface is immediatly acceded (by ping or other commands), in case of my computer doesn't reach it directly ?"

    In advance THANKS A LOT for your help.

    (PS : Excuse my poor english…  :P)

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