Wireless associated, but not receiving an IP?

  • I'm on 2.0-RC3 and I've got a AWUS036H setup as OPT1. I'm just playing around trying to hook it up to one of my other wireless routers. I put in the ssid and security information.

    The issue is under interfaces it says "status associated", but it never gets an IP address. It's kinda frustrating.


    If I look at the arp table, I can see the mac of the router I'm connected to, but I still can't ping it.


    I'll add more information. I have 2.0-RC3 running inside of a VM. I'm using host only networking for a way to manage pfsense. I have the AWUS036H passed to the vm. In the pfsense management console, I can see all of the wireless networks available to me. I configured it so that I get to the point where it says it's associated, but I can not ping anything other than it's own ip.

    I know the vm isn't the best way to set this up, but I'm so close to getting to this to work I can taste it.

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