Painful question to ask

  • Does any type of NAT come enabled by default?  Do I have to set up all the NAT rules to get this fired up?

    OK sorry but I am coming from the retail access point world,  and am trying to get my head around pfSense which seems so similar in many ways?

    I would like to start up some documentation on the doc.pfsense  site for people like me new to this.  A kind of tutorial for people coming into pfsense from the crappy  Linksys  D-Link  Netgear world with no clue.  I read the Wiki about installing pf but I would like to do documentation of the next step.  The steps that are taken to get WiFi up and to set up a DMZ to have WiFi on a seperate subnet with no access to the LAN (internet only).  The kind of configuration I assume many (most ) people from the home Access Point router world will want.

    Would anyone like to help?  Mainly in the contribution of knowledge area.  I will write it

  • pfSense does NAT by default on any interface that has a gateway specified e.g. WAN or any OPT-Interface that has a gateway (and thus can be used as additional WAN). If you want to shut down this behaviour you can do so by enabling advanced outbound nat at firewall>nat, outbound tab and specify custom mappings.