IPSEC Tunnel spoke A accessing Spoke B through Hubsite

  • Some assistance is much appreciated.

    I am trying to set up a hub-spoke enviroment where my spoke A can access resources at Spoke C going through the hub site.  I want to avoid setting an ipsec tunnel be between the Spoke A and C.  Is this possible?

    |B site)
          A|                                  |C

    Thank you in advance.

  • Hi,

    this is possible. U need a second Phase 2 to ur Spoke B Hubsite.

    Is there a IPSEC Tunnel beween Spoke B and Spoke C?


  • Thanks spiritbreaker for the reply.

    I figured it out. The tricky part was on the phase2 hub configuration.

    BTW, I only have IPSEC tunnel between Spoke A to Hub (B) and Spoke C to Hub (B).  No IPSEC tunnel between Spoke A and Spoke C

  • Hi probie,

    Can you post the specific modifications you made to Phase 2?  My boss wants to do something similar and haven't worked much with IPSec VPNs (although my OpenVPN mesh is working quite well).


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