• Peculiar Problem. Defining WAN as PPPoE connection.

    When I use WebGUI configurator, I assign username, password and provider. No timeout. Working fine. In Config.xml it is adding <pppoe>tag right before tag with <username><password><provider>and <timeout>as inner tags. Good.

    Trying to generate the config.xml programatically. Added the same tags in the same place. Fatal error: in line 58 of /etc/inc/xmlparser.inc Cannot create to/from reference… overload kind of stuffs.....

    Any clues on where am I going wrong ?</timeout></provider></password></username></pppoe>

  • i think you have hidden codes in youre config
    if you use windows than don't edit it with word but use noteblok

  • Use something like http://www.pspad.com/ for editing the config.xml. This definately won't convert your config.xml to something windowsish.

  • There were some spaces included in the XML between <pppoe>and</pppoe> tags….. so the problem..... Took of about 7-8 hours.... On a look of it, you wont realize the spaces between the tags... which mattered most. Thanks guys for your help and valuable suggestions.