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  • Sorry if I'm just really confused, have searched a lot and find similar problems, but this is really simple and I can't find the answer.

      If I create an hfsc queue on the WAN interface, called qUDPwan, and create a normal LAN pass rule to send UDP traffic to that queue, it goes instead to the default queue.

    I can watch the packets going out from the LAN computer and verify they are UDP, and I can log the firewall rule, and the log shows packets matching the rule, but none seem to go to the queue that the rule specifies.

    If I do the same thing with TCP traffic, it works as expected, as in: 
      1) create _qTCPwa_n on the WAN interface,
      2) create firewall rule, LAN tab, pass, TCP protocol, Queue: none/qTCPwan in the advanced section.
    This sends all outgoing TCP traffic to the qTCPwan queue.  Why won't this work for UDP?

    Probably I'm missing something fundamental here, but before I can create some real queues and sort things properly, i have to understand this simple question.  I have played around with floating rules, and ack queues and cloned rules, and it makes a lot of sense and works well with TCP, if I use identically named queues on each interface, create a single LAN pass rule to allow outgoing traffic (originating in LAN going to WAN) and send to that queue, then traffic coming back in goes to the queue on the LAN interface with the same name.  Perfect!  Wish this would work with UDP!  I have read a lot about UDP not going to the right LAN queue, but I can't get it to go to the right WAN queue which I think should be straightforward.  (In fact, the UDP traffic coming back in from the WAN will go to the right queue if I make one named the same on the LAN interface)

    Any help?

    This is a 2.0-RC3, i386. 21-June.  Was the same or similar on RC-1, also a newer snapshot of RC-3, but the current 1-Jul snapshot I keep getting a bad SHA digest using the auto update.

  • I see someone else might be seeing this… more info here:  http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,38179.0.html

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