Can ping IPv6 on PfSense but not on the work station

  • I just installed the recent IPv6 version and followed the instruction. The gateways are online, IPv6 DNSlookup is working on PfSense. But when I do ping6 on my workstation, all is timed out.
              I have two IPv6 accounts on the WAN side and put another account on the LAN side
              'don't have firewall installed on the workstation
    *The application supplied by the ISP is working, but always disconnecting (5 min on, 30 sec off) ^_^

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    " I have two IPv6 accounts on the WAN side and put another account on the LAN side"


    And what IPv6 address is your workstation getting? Or did you give it, what routes do you have on the client?

    I can tell you that ipv6 works freaking AWESOME on pfsense and the free hurricane electric tunnel.. Takes like 10 minutes to setup.

    From a workstation on lan side of pfsense

    Pinging [2001:4860:8001::69] with 32 bytes of data:
    Reply from 2001:4860:8001::69: time=96ms
    Reply from 2001:4860:8001::69: time=72ms
    Reply from 2001:4860:8001::69: time=64ms
    Reply from 2001:4860:8001::69: time=65ms

    Ping statistics for 2001:4860:8001::69:
        Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
        Minimum = 64ms, Maximum = 96ms, Average = 74ms

  • Please help me setup this in pfSense:

    Os: Windows XP 3

    Tunnel broker: GogoClient {IPv6-in-UDP-IPv4 Tunnel [Nat traversal]}

    Local address: 2001:0fd8–----:000b / 56

    Remote address: 2001:0fd8--------:000a

    How do I setup the firewall rules and what IPv6 to enter on the lan side?

    thanks for the help...^_^

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    Just use he tunnel, there is a complete walk through how to set it up on pfsense here.

    That gogo client would be a tunnel through your pfsense, endpoint on your box your running the client on..  Lame way to do it since you can just endpoint the tunnel on your pfsense box.  No need for any client software, etc.  The above link walks you through setting it up on hurricane electrics FREE tunnel they will give you.  And you can even get a /48 if you want to router multiple /64's etc.

  • You need to add a route to Global IPv6 IP addresses in "Routes"… instructions here:,40527.0.html

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    No he doesn't – see my response to your other topic..  You should already have a default route there is no need to add a route for 2000:: /3

  • I did exactly as the guides said – no default route was setup and I've been trying to get IPv6 for the past few months (through several different 2.0+ versions) , not once did it setup a default route for me.

    It's something to try if nothing else is working: His problem is exactly like mine was.

  • It looks like there are a couple bugs right now that are stopping IPv6 from working properly….

    Check near the bottom,40377.0.html

  • that one should be fixed right about now, was introduced when I added link local gateways support (which is completely valid).

    The gogo client is not supported yet. It's on the todo list for dynamic tunnels.
    Jim added a dyndns type that will fixup the tunnel IP for you if you change WAN address. The Sixxs tunnel obviously can't do that.

    The gogo client is a nice way to completely autoconfigure the entire machine, but that doesn't fit well with the rest of the pfSense mechanics.

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