[SOLVED] VNSTAT Not updating

  • I recently changed NICs in a system and now VNSTAT does not update. Any way to force an update while keeping history?

  • IIRC (as it's bed time) a rename should work.
    Backup vnstat datebase files (in conf/vnstat folder on pfSense 2.0 or /var/db/vnstat/ on 1.2.3) also the hidden one's (like vr0 and .vr0)
    uninstall vnstat
    delete all database files
    install vnstat
    rename the old one's with the new nic name and copy them back.

    "Who Dares Wins"

  • OK, now I will wait to see if it updates.

    Thanks for your help Perry.

  • That fixed it. Should have asked sooner, I was trying various shots in the dark, going nowhere.

    Thanks again Perry.

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