Multiple PPPoe Servers

  • Hey guys, I am new to pfSense. I have been fiddling with it all weekend long and I must say it's been quite exciting.
    I am working on a project where we will be providing free internet to an underprivileged community here in South Africa and depending on the the success of this project we will be rolling it out nationally.

    I have got my PPPoe server up and running and I am getting data in and out my traffic shaping is working well, thus far I've only had problems getting radius to work, but that I'll work on later.

    Currently my main concern is as such. I will be using funds raised from paid services to clients to fund the project, and will therefore need to give them different services to the free users.
    I will need to shape traffic differently for the free users than for the paid users. So I have been trying different solutions. Them being (1) multiple PPPoe servers on one pfSense box, this failed, as when I created a second server I could not log on to it. So I tried (2) to work with radius hoping to do traffic shaping on a per user bases, but when I installed the Freeradius package and set it up as explained in the following post I could not authenticate either. So I thought ok I was going to be clever and (3) install a second pfSense box and setup a second PPPoe server on that, once again could not authenticate. I have since come to realize that my PPPoe client does not know which server to try and authenticate to.

    So I read up a little about that and it seems I can remedy this by explaining this to the client via a Service Name. I was wondering whether I can set this on pfSense maybe somewhere in a config file or something. Or if you guys might be able to give me a better solution to my problem.

    Anyway I appreciate any help you guys could come up with, I'm really no guru at this stuff.

    PS. case it matter Im using pfSense rc3 latest update

  • Hey Guys can some body please help me with this issue? Or is this taks not possible to accomplish ??

  • wow guys doesn't anyone know how to set a service name for for my pppoe server. Can anyone atleast tell me what pppoe server is being used so that I can at least search the web for info on that.

  • Yea I struggle to believe that I have had almost a hundred views and still no one has been able to to give me just one answer. Even If it would just be that it is not possible.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You need to setup a radius server and pass back the bandwidth restrictions there, but at the moment I'm not sure bandwidth restrictions via radius work for PPPoE server.

    You could give the users static IPs and setup limiter pipes for users with specific IPs in a given pool, though, if the above does not work.

  • Thank you for the reply.
    Let me get this straight, what you suggest is that I only need one pppoe server hook it up to freeradius and then do the trafic shaping perclient through that.
    In the case that that does not work I should give each user a static IP address and then shape the traffic on the full IP range?
    Tell me would daloradius work on pfsense and would I be able to do the traffic shaping with that or do I need to do this in the config files ?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    FreeRADIUS worked on pfSense last time I tried it. If you want something like Daloradius+FreeRADIUS, you'd have to run that on another box, not on the firewall. Asking around the other devs, we don't support bandwidth limits from RADIUS for the PPPoE server yet.

    The other suggestion is that you can setup two limiters for each service class with the up/down limits you want, masked so it's a per-IP limit. Then you can setup a separate subnet for each class of user, and give your users static IPs inside of the subnet that has the bandwidth restrictions you want. There is more info on setting up limiters on the doc wiki.

  • Thank you for your help I will check it out.

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