• Shud I enable this feature for load balancing outgoing traffic ???

    Configuration is like in WIKI manual. http://wiki.pfsense.com/wikka.php?wakka=OutgoingLoadBalancing

    ISP_1–----router_1 (static IP_1
    ISP_2------router_2 (static IP_2 -----router_4 (access controler)----users
    ISP_3------router_3 (static IP_3

    pfsense config

    LAN -
    WAN_1 (connected to router_1) - IP static  GW=ROUTER_1 (IP address)
    WAN_2 (connected to router_2) - IP static  GW=ROUTER_2 (IP address)
    WAN_3 (connected to router_3) - IP static  GW=ROUTER_3 (IP address)

  • No. Carp Loadbalancing is for sharing the load between different firewall-machines in a cluster, not for sharing the load to different WAN-gateways.