Slow WebGUI - 1.23 to newest 2.0 RC3

  • I just did a clean install of 2.0 RC3 and the latest firmware update from today (7/4/2011).  I log in via WebGUI and go through the various settings to see the changes, and then reboot.  I made sure that I still have access and am still able to see everything - the WebGUI is very responsive.  I perform a restore of the ALL settings XML from my 1.2.3 configuration minus packages.  I made the appropriate interface change, then a reboot.  After the reboot I log in via WebGUI, and after I navigate away from the main DASHBOARD page, it takes forever to load next requested page. It seems that the restore of previous settings somehow locks up or slows down when navigating away from the DASHBOARD page. Are the widget information from prior version causing issues?  I was only using System information, IPSEC, Traffic Information, Interface Statistics, and Service Status.

    Again, the speed and responsiveness of the WebGUI is fine, but if you go back to the DASHBOARD, it begins to slow to a crawl.  Once you get away from that page, everything is fine again.  There's something slowing the system down on the DASHBOARD after the import process.

    By the way, this occurs with 2.0 RC3 release and the release for today.  I did two separate clean installs.  Plain RC3 and then a new install with update from today - same effect.


    I removed all the WIDGETS from the DASHBOARD, and SAVED.  And from there navigated throughout the Web interface and was fine.  Went back to the DASHBOARD page and navigated away and was fine.  I added the Widgets back and it worked fine.  However, I noticed that the System Information Widget was only a few lines (may 4-5 listed information), and it worked speedily again.  I went back to the DASHBOARD and now I noticed that the System Information if 13 data field or information.  And when I navigate away from DASHBOARDS again, it is slow.

    I removed the System Information widget and left all other widgets on.  Going back and forth between menu items through the web gui is fast again.  There's something about the System Information Widget when fully populated causing the slow down away from the DASHBOARD page.  I don't know if it has anything to do with the IMPORT of that widget setting from 1.2.3, but I know it is that component causing major slow down.  Leaving that widget out is current fix for me…

    For now, I will refresh back to 1.2.3.

  • I am experiencing an extremely slow WebGUI as well. It seems like I can click <next>on anything, and it is 15-30 seconds before the changes are acknowledged. Changing screens, tabs, options is just as slow.

    I thought it was a configuration I had applied, so I installed clean, same issue.

    2.0 RC3 Build July 3 2011</next>

  • When i added firewall rules I can't access WebGUI after a few seconds.

  • Try disabling the Gateway Monitoring on the bottom of the Miscellaneous Tab under System: Advanced.

    I had to do this to get the GUI to respond during setup before I had the WAN connected.

    Note:  I did have to uncheck it in order to get failover working.