VIP type for FiOS 5 external static block?

  • Hello,
    Trying to setup my FiOS static IPs and having trouble - this is the first time I've every had FiOS as an ISP and also the first time I've been issued a block of static IPs this way (not my first time with statics but first time with FiOS statics). FiOS issued me a block of 5 IPs (.178-.182) with a .1 GW and /24 mask.

    The only examples I have found online are say to use "other" as the type of VIP but it defaults to a /32.

    Is VIP, Other, Interface: WAN, Address: xx.xx.xx.179/32 (Same as WAN IP just one higher) the correct way to configure the VIPs?

    The problem I run into is that when I go to do the NAT I keep the external subnet a /32 but that by default assigns the internal subnet a /32 as well (a true 1:1 NAT). When I change the 1:1 NAT from /32 to /24 I get an error saying
    "The WAN IP address may not be used in a 1:1 rule."

    So either I'm assigning the VIPs incorrectly or I'm doing the NAT incorrectly or I'm messing up my rules/NAT/Forwarding. Verizon is not helpful as they are essentially a retail/home type ISP rather than an enterprise level service provider.

    Thx for any help with VIPs.

  • as you mentioned that your block is in same subnet you may use carp version of vip and that allows you to use those vip's in firewall