Please help Me how can I do This?

  • Its An internet Cafe.and i have problem with this. My respond time is always goes high when my all workstation goes full. How can i reduce my delay time. please help me. it will be great help. Because after it goes high my web browsing suffer a lot. all webpages take time to load.

    by the way this cafe has 36 workstation. currently i am using pfsense 1.2.3 with dual wan setup.

    my both connection are ADSL 2+ 24(Actual speed 10/12) MBPS

  • If I understand what you're saying, when your bandwidth is maxed out your response time goes up. That's just how networks work, latency goes way up when you're using all your available bandwidth, especially upstream on asymmetric connections. You can implement limiters (on 2.0) to limit how much bandwidth each system can use to prevent one heavy user from taking all your bandwidth and that should help considerably.

  • thank you sir for your answer. Yes i understand. but the picture i submit here. it was when i just check with one computer on my network. but when all workstation goes full it goes way high 100/500. :(

    if i speed test from direct modem i gets 12/13 MBPS from my each modem. but when i speedtest from pfsense with load blance i only gets 19/20 mbps. Is it ok?

    On mY other shop we are not facing this kind of problem….

    and about 2.0 pfsense actually i could't configure. Loadblance setup.

    I already spoke with one of pfsense commercial team member for for help. But i know its charge high for me at this moment. i asked him for documention for this kind of setup. i will pay for this. he told me to ask on the forum. so it will be great help if some one do this for me. i will pay for this. but not 600 dollar. thank you...