Difference between 123 & 2.0?

  • I have 123 running in a few different locations. Wondering what the differences/enhancements are with 2.0 vs. 123.

    Yes I know I could easily boot from USB/Flash and try it out myself but I haven't found the time…

    For example:

    95 >> ME = Disaster
    95 >> ME >> XP = Should have waited for XP
    95 >> XP = Worthwhile upgrade

    OR (for the younger crowd)

    XP >> Vista = Disaster
    XP >> Vista >> W7 = Should have waited for W7
    XP >> W7 = Worthwhile upgrade

    So... What bucket does 2.0 fall in?

    My typical install is 123 on a Dell Precision 490 Workstation with two Xeon X5160 CPUs, 4GB RAM and HW RAID6 on WD 40GB HDD. (I have about 90 of these machines running Windows XP coming offline so this config is easy (and free)). NICs are generally 4-8 interfaces: 2x Intel Dual 10/100/1000 PCIx64, 2x Intel Dual PCI 10/100/1000, one Broadcom on the mobo and maybe a PCIe quad, etc.

    I have 6 production machines with SLAs, four production machines without SLAs (on barter/soft dollar) and just recently three volunteer/charitable donation pfsense machines with non-profits and charter schools (that come with crappy ISPs which is why I joined here because I can't figure out FiOS's nuances for the life of me).

    If I change over to 2.0 will it be night & day difference...??? and will the "night & day" change be positive or maybe not so much? I'm thinking that 2.0 may handle the ghetto FiOS (with phone, TV & Video On-Demand) problems I'm having as well as a few other issues such as Bluetooth ping devices (System monitors student's BT phones while on school grounds), ATT MicroCell devices (this is enterprise level that I'd probably pay for - go figure that 3 blocks from Times Square or Ground Zero has zero cell service), Wireless repeaters & amplifiers, etc.

    Any feedback would be very much appreciated. If someone wants to help me out I may be persuaded to (within reason/NYC area) donate a Dell P490 as described above as barter for your help. I also have a few (30 or so) Dell Optiplex 755 Small Form Factor machines with 5 interfaces (1mobo, dual pci, dual pci-e).

    Feedback appreciated. Sorry for the long post :(

  • changes here: http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/2.0_New_Features_and_Changes

    For most people's usage there is no difference. If you rely on certain packages that the maintainer hasn't kept up to date for those we don't maintain ourselves, they may not work. Other than that, 2.0 is better than 1.2.3 in every regard at this point, has considerably fewer bugs (though those outstanding in both versions are highly unusual to encounter). The only other thing you can encounter on occasion is hardware-specific regressions between FreeBSD 7.2 and 8.1, though those are rare and we've back ported newer drivers in some instances to resolve.