• I just setup two boxes with Beta 1 and got Carp working between them.  On the Wan Interface I have more than one static IP and I went into virtual ip's to add them as proxy arp's for the Wan Interface.  How ever I could not put more than one in without it over writing the previous proxy arp.  Then when I would hit Aplly Changes. It would disappear.

    Am I setting this up wrong, if so can someone explain how to do it.


  • If you setup the same ProxARP IPs at two machines you cause layer2 trouble as both machines will answer to the same IP with different fake MAC-replies. Only use CARP IPs in such a scenario as they do something similiar but only the master system will answer to that IP and the IPs can be handed over.

    I have just tested createing two ProxyARPs and can't see the problem here.

  • Thank you for the quick response…What you have told me makes total sense about proxy arp...I went and created the carp addresses, but again only could create one WAN Carp address.  So I will keep playing and see what I can determine.

    Thanks again.

  • I'm wondering what is causing your problem. I'm playing around with these kind of setups rather often and don't see a problem with them. Maybe you can give us a step by step procedure how your try to set that up (which buttons you press in which order, what options you enter,…). Maybe we then find out why this is happening to you and if there is a wrong way we allow things to be done. If so we should eliminate that way in the next version.

  • Wouldn't this be the same problem you run into when you try to impose CARP on a set of bridged interfaces?  Basically the deal is that CARP and proxyarp (or bridging) don't play nicely together.