I have a few question for expart member..

  • hi. i have few question to advance user and expart. Which method is the best method for pfsense Setup.

    for example. I have 3 ADSl 2+ wan connection from 3 different ISp. so naturally i have three diffrent getway.

    so my question is. should i use combo modem/router as a bridge mode or PPoE ?

    if i use PPoE on my combo modem/router which mean my modem/router will hold publich ip and it will have nat features and then i can use dhcp or static on pfsense. But here will dubble nat conflict.

    So is it best method for apply?


    I should use my combo modem/router as a bridge mode so that there will be not nat. and pfsense will do PPoE and pfsense will have public ip and nat features. so no nat conflict.

    please guide me. which method is the best for pfsense 2.0 Rc3. i know on pfsense 1.2.3 i cant use PPoE more than one.

    I will wait for the answer….

  • I would prefer to use bridging if that was an option so you can leave natting and anything else to device which handles those very well.
    and ofcourse loadbalancing+failover when you have several lines to use.