[SOLVED] Pfsense 2.0 RC3 Multi-Wan Openvpn (failover)

  • That was made ​​by me:

    1. Multi-WAN through the Group Gateway (tier 1, tier 2)
    2. Openvpn on all interfaces
    3. open access on the WAN and WAN2 for udp on 1194
    4. On openvpn client, in conf file write both ip address: ip WAN and ip WAN2

    Wrote the rules for the lan, internet automatically switch to another gateway, there are no problems …

    In the openvpn status appear incoming packets, but that respond to them can not, in the log says clients ip not found. Change default route to WAN2, all at once begins to work ...

    The question then is how to get traffic to let OPENVPN not to default, and the group of gateways, in my case, failover: let across the WAN, when he died, on WAN2?

  • Do you mean that you want failover openvpn access with in two different wans?
    there was some line for this already at the forum.

  • Sorry, give me link plzz.

    Yes. When the WAN interface drops, automatic client switches and worked through the interface WAN2.

  • Something like this: http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,36194.msg186825.html#msg186825

    hint: it took almost 10 seconds with search  ;)

  • It's a bit more. I need to be always connected to an WAN, and when it falls automatically passed to the interface WAN2. Configured through the "Group route", and OpenVPN as I understand is responsible for connecting via the default route, but after the fall of WAN, it is missing. Therefore, vpn connection fails.

  • Problem solved!
    It was necessary to enable "Allow default gateway switching"
    System -> Advanced -> Miscellaneous

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