HEADS UP: Branch changed to RELENG_2_0 - You *must* fix your update URL!

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    We branched RELENG_2_0 for the upcoming 2.0 release so that some developers could continue post-2.0 work on HEAD without committing code that would hinder the 2.0 release. Because of this, the URL for snapshots has changed. The previous URL had pfSense_HEAD, and it is now pfSense_RELENG_2_0.

    You must visit System > Firmware, on the Settings tab, and pick the snapshots URL appropriate for your hardware (i386 or amd64) from the "Default Auto Update URLs" drop-down menu in order to pick up any new updates. This drop-down is pulled from our update server, and I fixed the URLs in there, so choosing the right selection will re-copy the proper URL into the settings box.

    If you wish to put the URL in manually, it would be one of the following (depending on whether you are i386 or amd64):
    pfSense 2.0 RC i386 Snapshots:   http://snapshots.pfsense.org/FreeBSD_RELENG_8_1/i386/pfSense_RELENG_2_0/.updaters/
    pfSense 2.0 RC amd64 Snapshots:  http://snapshots.pfsense.org/FreeBSD_RELENG_8_1/amd64/pfSense_RELENG_2_0/.updaters/

    I have changed the default URL for new installs, but a snapshot does not yet exist with the updated URL built-in. If you select the new URL or enter it manually, that setting will carry over. Once the next new snapshot is uploaded, new installs should look in the right location, and those without an update URL chosen at all should be OK, but unless you update manually, you still need to fix the update URL as described above.

    I corrected the URLs on http://snapshots.pfsense.org/ to point to the new location as well, you can download manual firmware update files directly from there if you like.

  • Anything different for nanoBSD?

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    Procedure is the same either way, full or nanobsd.

  • Does Invoke Auto Upgrade now work for the Nano version? I had manually update the June 22 install to the July 8th, but now it appears it might work.

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    It should have, if the corrected URL was entered.

  • I've just used above URLs to update my test installation and now it says: 2.1-DEVELOPMENT (amd64) built on Wed Jul 27 18:52:38 EDT 2011
    I'm also using git://github.com/smos/pfsense-ipv6.git but it was last updated on May 26, 2011 so probably it shouldn't cause version change.

    Shouldn't I get 2.0-RC3? If yes, how to revert to 2.0-RC3?

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    Please read the sticky posts in the ipv6 forum about that. It's not related to this thread.

  • I apologize for my meatheadedness, but I've read this thread 10 times and I still don't understand what it means.  If I'm using an .iso of x86 RC 3 that I downloaded on 6-Jul but is dated 22-Jun, should I use the default update URL, or update it?  Under what circumstances would I change the url?  Thank you for clarifying!

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    Always update it. It doesn't matter when you downloaded, it needs updated, unless the snapshot date is after July 4th. (In which case you'd be getting current updates offered via auto update anyhow)

    Bottom line: When in doubt, just reselect the snapshots from the drop-down. It's not going to hurt anything even if you are using a current snapshot.

  • It should also be noted if you are using gitsync in your updater settings to change branch name from master to RELENG_2_0

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    It should also be noted if you are using gitsync in your updater settings to change branch name from master to RELENG_2_0

    Unless you are using that to track IPv6, in which case you really do want master. :-)

    I wasn't aware anyone was tracking 2.0 on top of 2.0 with gitsync, not much of a point to that. Might hurt more than it helps in some cases, but that's debatable.

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