IGMP- seemingly complex setup

  • Hello all,

    currently have a setup like:

    PC <.x–--192.168.1.x-----.1> PFsense2.0 <.2----192.168.2.x-----.1>Cisco 881 GRE+IPsec>  Internet  <remote vpn="">The GRE+IPsec work great, I'm able to telnet into servers that i need to.
    The Pfsense box NAT's 192.168.1.x -> as requested by the remote company for the applications.

    On the Cisco router I see a PIM neighbor as the remote GRE tunnel endpoint, and join-group statements are configured on the router which seems to be working.

    The issue seems to be in the PFsense box.

    Does anyone have any insight how i can join multicast groups ( ip's ) from the 192.168.1.x network.

    I've followed some advice for setting up igmp proxy,  but it seems the igmp packets still are passing thru the router. ( i have configured the firewall/advanced options)

    Thanks in advance</remote>