Package startup behavior on boot

  • Not sure if this is a bug or how its designed but I noticed that packages are starting up 2 times when I reboot pfsense. Once during the 'Starting Package xxxx…done' then again during the 'Starting /usr/local/etc/rc.d/' phase.

    I only notice this happens to packages if they have a script( within /usr/local/rc.d/ folders. Watching my log I see imspector and ntop startup, shutdown, to startup again within 10-15 secs. I dont know if this is an issue or not but thought I would bring it up.

    I have hacked the LCDproc package to get it to work for my M300-LCD case and noticed socket timeout errors, LCDd TCP port already in use, and 4 different copies of lcdproc running(should only be 2 copies) the last time I upgraded to a newer snapshot. I ended up disabling the package within the GUI and created a startup script so it would start correctly and by-pass the way pfsense wants to startup the package.

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    That's up to the individual package maintainers to control. It runs the .sh scripts and it also syncs the package. If a package tries to start itself both ways, it will try to start twice. The package(s) should be coding around that.

  • thanks jimp! This process seems to be fine expect for the LCDproc package. I know this package hasn't been updated for some time now.

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    If you can make a patch that makes it work better in a proper way, feel free to submit the patch and someone can commit it to the package.

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