How to setup a shared LAN using two routers?

  • Ok guys, has been a longtime that I have been trying to achieve a simple task.

    Say, I have two el cheapo Linksys WRT54G routers. Network setup as follows:

    WRT54G - WAN IP DHCP Server Enabled


    WRT54G WAN IP DHCP Server Enabled

    How can I get these computers on the same network, in other words I want them to see each other. Is there a way that the the PC1 can see PC2 vice versa?

    I know I can do it by disabling DHCP on the second router and avoiding the WAN port on it, Is there any other way? May be I need to create static routes…


  • Is there a purpose behind having two routers back to back like that? If not then I'm sure I don't need to tell you the "easiest way" ;)

    If you must keep them separate I'd suggest replacing those two routers with one pfsense box with three interfaces, one WAN and two LAN. Traffic between the LAN segments will only flow based on what firewall rules you set (by default nothing gets through). Using the two routers like you are there is no way for the two LAN segments to see each other, they are for all intents and purposes two complete separate networks and those routers aren't designed to do what you want.

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