2.0 RC3 Hangs/Freeze after 1 week or more

  • Im not entirely sure what couses the problem if it is a hardware failure or if there is something else wrong, anyway the problem is my PfSense box freezes after awhile usally it takes 1 or 2 weeks then it freezes wich means i can't use console nothing happens its dead, and webgui just says loading in the browser nothing really happens and SSH timeouts.
    And ofcourse internet goes down too.

    My setup is pretty simple
    eth0 -> internet
    eth1 -> lan
    eth2 -> wan

    I have checked with all of the nic so they should be compabily with PfSense the real name of the nic is ofcourse not eth… bla bla it says something else but i do remember the nic name.
    I have it all installed on a IDE drive and it has been working pretty good but lately it has stopped kind of mallfunction ACPI is disabled in bios.

  • Hardisk full?
    Can you see somethink on the screen of your pfsense Hardware?

  • are you running ntop ?

    i've had VM's stalling/freezing/hanging every saturday …. because of an addon package, most likely ntop

  • Harddrive was not full as far as im aware of and i do not log anything.
    Anyway i can see the Menu for pfsense nothing out of ordernary but i can't use any of the menus they all freezed can't even hit enter to get to the screen reload it totaly stuck.
    The only thing that works is a hard reboot :(

    Im not entirely sure what couses this since it just happens after awhile.

  • Have you accessed to console while it happens, there might be some more information. Meaning that when my firewall was slow there wasn't enough vm.pmap.shpgperproc or something like that. And that info was easily found at console

  • no the consoles hangs too :(

    i did change the 3 NICS with differenet brand and the problem continued and it often happens on higher loads i still haven't find out what causes it.
    I run memorytest but nothing showed up there either.

  • Have you updated frequently, if it would fix the problem?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If it completely locks up, even the console, on a current snapshot, then I would suspect the hardware – especially heat issues or faulty caps on the MB.

    There hasn't been a "hang" caused by pfSense in software since around RC1.

  • yes it has been updated.

    So the hardware might be the problem then but what if it was not the hardware ?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If it's not the hardware then I have no idea what it might be, since as I said there hasn't been a reported hang actually caused by software in several months.

  • I had the same thing happen on two separate boxes. One Intel and one AMD.
    The issue was the USB ports. After disabling the USB ports on both systems I was able to regain stability. Those two systems have been running flawless for the past 5 weeks.

  • ok well i gone check the mobo when i get home and see if there is something wrong.

    USB is disabled and LAN is also disabled to be on the safe side.

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