More than 3000 users in PPPoE Server

  • pfSense can be configured to more than 256 users.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    In all likelihood, it can. I have tested the PPTP server with several thousand users set in the config and it seemed to work. (I did not actually connect with that many clients, mind you, just configured it).

    You can edit the config.xml and change the number of users in the config there, and then reboot, and it should work, or you can edit the PPPoE server edit page and alter the limit you can set there.

    Bear in mind it will get quite a bit slower in various parts of the GUI because there will be x number of interfaces on the box, where x is the number you have set. I don't recall the exact limit of PPTP when I tested it, but I believe it was >3000.

    In short: It may work, it may not, but either way, expect some weirdness.

  • Yeah it has not been tested to that extent.
    People are using the underlying software with even more connections than that.

  • @ermal

    Why pfsense V2 still use old MPD version 4.4.1 ?
    With new mpd 5.5 many isp running 2-3K users over single amd64 boxes.

  • Because nobody took the effort to convert to mpd5 and/or nobody has requested/supported for it to go to mpd5.

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