Wan shuts down

  • Please bare with me as I am new to this software. I have a dell 2640 with dual 1gb nic.
    I have connected my wan port with a straight through cable from wan to my dsl - speedtouch modem
    my lan is connected to a switch.
    lan works fine, however on the wan side, the card turns on, then off, then on etc.
    my isp has dhcp with the wan card is configured for, i login to my isp, i do see the mac address for the card, and obtain the static ip.
    card still turns off and on, i changed the canle to a crossover, still nothing…....
    i have tried everything - including banging my head against the wall---lol

    any ideas on this issue would be muchly appreciated

  • Is your modem on demand dial instead of always connected?

  • adsl is always on

  • @thedurango:

    however on the wan side, the card turns on, then off, then on etc.

    Please explain this - do you mean the pfSense log reports "Link up",  "Link down", "Link up" etc on the pfSense WAN interface?

    Is the modem acting as a modem only or a modem-router? If its a modem only you should probably be using PPPoE on your WAN link rather than DHCP.

  • well after many days of beating my head against the wall I discovered that my issues were related to on board nic cards.
    as soon as i installed the 2 pci nic cards, I was all up and running in 5 mins.

    I want to thank all that assisted me in resloving this issue.


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