Embeded July the 4th build to add ip6

  • I am very interested in adding IP6 to the inside of my network.  I also like to add the rules to allow the workstations to connect to IP6.  I am running the July 4th embeded build on my x-6000 WatchGuard.  What is the proper to add to add ip6 support.

  • Just follow the instructions here: http://iserv.nl/files/pfsense/ipv6/

  • … but be aware that the upgrade process for nanobsd gets a lot more complicated when you've added the IPv6 patches.

  • My plan is to stay on the on this verion until the release of 2.0 is finalized.  I happy with where I am and it is running well.

    My next issue is DHCP6 is not handing out address.  What I did was I found a web site that I could do translation from 4 to 6.  I converted my internal range(4) to a ip 6 range.  Now I can ping the firewall with IP 6.  I still learning.  This is the hardest thing I have worked on a while.

    2.0 has a huge learning curve, I been reading the pfsense book and putting it use.

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