DLNA server over different subnets

  • Hi,

    I just got an wireless adapter for my TV and oh crap, DLNA doesn't seem to work between subnets.

    I searched some posts and read that IMGP proxy would do the trick, but I just don't get it to work.

    Server on LAN
    TV on WLAN

    IMGP Proxy setup:
    Interface: LAN
    Type: Upstream Interface
    Network address: (LAN IP) X.X.X.0/24
    Interface: WLAN
    Type: Downstream Interface
    Network address: (WLAN IP) Y.Y.Y.0/24

    Any hints?


  • your going to need to set up a firewall rule to allow IGMP to the other subnet.

  • I got it to work after restarting the server (again) and "reinstalling" the tv. (=


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