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  • I did a quick search on the forum and only found a few posts mentioning the HP Microserver.  It looks like you need to run 2.0 for it to see the built-in NIC.  I've not seen any specific recommendations for Intel NICs that would be compatible with this system.  (It's got PCIe 1x and 16x slots.)

    I'm drawn to this because of the relatively low price, high performance, and low power usage.  I've tried pfSense on a Soekris net4801, but it's far too slow on that hardware, to the point that I don't think it can get the 30+ mbps out of my Internet connection that I'm getting now.

    Anyone using one of these for pfSense and happy with the results?

  • I using a Watchguard x-6000 and I have 10 meg down by 768KB up.  It works great, on this hardware.  3 GB ports, 6 100 MB ports.  It has a 2.8 GHZ p4 processor.  I am actuall getting 11886 down and 996 up.  I can't get the processor over 30-35% even with all the the machines on.  I had over 10 computers up and running with no performance issues.  I running nano-bsd with no issues on a flash card.

  • For basic solutions using Alix.
    Solutions to medium (=> 3 LAN) Jetway NF99FL-525 Dual Core Atom Mini-ITX Mainboard + Intel 3x1000Lan module.
    For high solutions Asus P8B-E/4L o P8B-C/4L (http://www.asus.com/Search/product.aspx?P_ID=cpjIUGVqF6v428Yu)and SuperMicro or Intel Multilan pcie 4x or 8x card.

    I choose the case as needed.


  • You're talking about the N36L, right? Just finished setting up one of mine with pfSense 2.0-RC3 this arvo. Performance is more than fine, from what I can tell (balancing over 2x ~24Mbps ADSL2+ connections.. which sync at about 20 and 18, though).

    Along with the onboard Broadcomm NIC, I put two Intel Pro/1000 CTs in it; standard 250GB HDD that came with it; and two of the stock 1GB RAM sticks it comes with.

    It'll idle at about 40 watts (according to my Jaycar power meter), though I'm looking into what exactly PowerD will do.

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    Although I'm not using one of these myself a mate of mine has one. I'm impressed with how quiet it is. You could run it anywhere no problem. Also it has a load of great features you usually only find on expensive 'server' grade hardware.


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