Flash Videos to limit

  • hello

    Is it possible to put limits on the flash videos of the web?

    facebook for example, passing on the playing video, 512 kbits.

    Layer 7 on the flash option, but they did not wanted to do.

  • ;D not Sure what you mean by the last line but if you're main Focus is to limit youtube, you first need to "google" youtube's ip ranges
    and then create a rule and place data from those sites (source) in to a low priority queue using the firewall rules. Destination will be "any".

    **Note you may have to create a few rules to get a majority of the Youtube servers. Also you can have wider mask on the source address.
    The other way was to use squid and reg ex the hell out of the http data, but i personnely I don't find that works as well.

    For flash from other sites the Proxy method may have to be the way you go.

    My 2 cents  ;D

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