Pfsense on DELL Power Edge 2600

  • Hi there,
    I'm planning to install pfsense on a Dell Power Edge 2600
    The Server does have the following Hardware Config

    1x Xeon 2,4 GHz HT
    1 GB Ram
    DELL Perc Raid Controller 128 MB Cache
    4 36GB 15k running Raid 10 plus Hotspare
    1x Intel Server Pro 1000 onboard
    3x Intel Server Pro 1000 PCI-X

    Will pfsense detect this Hardware ?
    I would guess it will detect the Intel Cards, but what abou the DELL Perc Raid Controller.

    Let me know

    OK found it myself
    Great Hardware List.

    Can't wait to see pfsense running on this Box… sure enough i will install Squid and Snort.

  • Make sure to run one of the latest snapshots. They are based on a newer freebsd version and should support the hardware better.

  • I think you're going to have difficulties detecting the RAID partition.  Unless something has changed.

  • But on the FreeBSD Hardware Page all "older" DELL Perc Raids showing up.

    I will give it a try. Currently we have Collax Security Gateway, but this Firewall is a pain in the….
    Great features, but real hard to configure.
    pfsense is way more easy.

  • pfsense does work on the Dell 2600 !!!
    even the Version 1.01 works fine.

    Is there any reason why not using the latest snapshot for a Live System ?
    Does anybody run DansGuardian on pfsense ?

  • The latest snapshots should work just fine in general. They are mainly bugfixes and usability enhancements along with some not so critic feature enhancements/additions.

    There is no dansguardian package for pfSense but there have been discussions already. Check the bountysection and the package section for further details or search for "dansguardian".

  • Ok great
    What was the URL for the Snapshots again ?