Where can I find 2.0 RC2 or 1 snapshots?

  • I want to downgrade to RC2 or RC1 to see if there is a bug in RC3 but all I can find are RC3 downloads. I found one unofficial RC2 but that kinda scares me. Is there anywhere I can get official installers for old releases such as these?

  • I have a 2.0 ISO dated March 1st if you don't find what your looking for…  Just right after RC1 came out I believe...

  • If there aren't any official ones, I just might take you up on that offer.

  • I have the following 2.0 ISOs:

    BETA5 01/07/2011 i386
    RC1 02/26/2011 i386/amd64
    RC2 06/05/2011 i386
    RC2 06/09/2011 i386

    I believe 06/05 is RC2 but I'm not positive. All the files then still had RC1 in the name even though I know for sure that 06/09 was RC2 as that was the last install I used (done online upgrades since then). I understand wanting to get it from an official source but the next best thing would be someone on here. Who knows one of the admins/mods might be able to give you access to the ISOs. If not you're welcome to one of the ISOs I have. Little big to email but I can dump it on a machine at work on 22/5 Comcast and let you pull it from there via HTTP or FTP (better than my 6/512 here lol).

  • Found this: http://files.chi.pfsense.org/mirror/downloads/old/. It's the ServerGuru's mirror (found on the official pfsense mirrors page), they've got RC1 snapshots dated 2/28/2011 as well as several older releases into the 1.x range. Might be the closest you will get to an "official" source.

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