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  • Hi Everyone,

    anybody know "commercial" in the net as spam
    a good example is :
    (i have a long time searched)

    when you surf to dokujunkies there is more commercial as good for me!

    at start a popup : amateure live webcam
    on the right site on the bottom right : hello i am cindy, i searched a man for beautiful hours


    i use pfsense rc3 last update
    with SQUID + HAVP + ProxyFilter SquidGuard

    With Havp i blocked the first PopUp (Amateure live se* webcam), but there is only my defined block site showing, i want actually block this silent!
    No One should see it when blocked.
    yet, its more like access denied!

    and the botttom right inquiry i dont have an idea to block it ?!?!?

    HOW YOU DO IT???

    AM pleased with everything that help ;)

  • Personally i use firefox with adblock+ with some lists

  • Use SquidGuard with blacklist AD category ?

  • at first, thanks for your comments!

    @ metu69salemi
    i use the same, but it works not great in this example -> nothing blocked from adblock ;)

    what do you mean with ad category?


  • Oh darn..

    I'll have to try squid+guard myself to check what it needs.
    Please don't hold your breath, it might be that i've no time until next week.

  • @onkeldave83:

    what do you mean with ad category?

    Need download Blacklist and use it's Adware (AD) category.

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