PfSense is very amateur NAS solution?

  • I'm interesting with product from DMS Softlab (, which is called Radius Manager Billing System. Then, I send an email asking about any new compatibility to new pfSense 2.0.

    It is surprisingly, the developer said that "pfSense is a very amateur NAS solution". They told me to test their product to "professional NAS solution" such as Mikrotik.

    Is this true that pfSense is "amateur NAS solution"?

    Honestly, I've been used pfSense in about 4 years for my cybercafe and have no complain at all. Looking forward to hear your feedback guys, thank you.

  • Rebel Alliance

    They work mostly with MT so is not strange that they say MT is better

  • Professional = paid for your work…

    Amateur = volunteer...

    One is not necessarily any better at their job than the other.  :P

    But that said- If you were to buy services from me Id say the exact opposite-    ;D

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