Blocking Limewire even when it use port 80

  • Hi,

    Does it exist ways I can block Limewire and other file sharing applications through pfsense even if they use port 80 for the transfers?

    Thanks for hints and comments


  • I guess squid could block it when used in transparent mode.

  • @hoba:

    I guess squid could block it when used in transparent mode.

    OK, however, is the squid package for pfsense stable enough now?


  • It should work in general. Some features like authentication are not finished though.

  • Plzzzzz 
    how to block all P2P….???

  • Snort will block P2P, for the most part.

  • I would also very much like to use SNORT to block P2P traffic.  SNORT does an excellent job of detecting P2P no mater what port is being used.  I have SNORT running on the WAN interface set to block any one who generates a snort aleart.  However with P2P traffic it is always my own public IP that is detected as "generating" the alert.  Since my own IP is in the whitelist all that is acomplished is that I am alearted to the use of the programs.  I would run SNORT on the LAN side but I have about 25 other smaller firewalls behind PFsense with each of them connecting 5-20 individual clients. So if I blocked any one ip on my LAN interface I will cut off internet to several people. If it were possible to run SNORT on the WAN interface and set it to block BOTH ip addressees associated with a SNORT alert.  I believe that this would solve my problem and effectively stop the P2P. (And help keep my little wisp from getting sued by the RIAA)  ;)