Why doesn't OpenVPN add my tunnel and other side network subnet to the ARP table

  • Hi everyone,

    I have successfully established a link based on OpenVPN to another server on the internet using pfSense 2.0 as the client. I can ping from pfSense to the other side OpenVPN server and I can ping the pfSense server from the server as well. But client to client seems to not work.

    This is from System > Routing section:
    Name Interface Gateway Monitor IP Description
    OPENVPN OPENVPN Interface OPENVPN Dynamic Gateway

    ARP table doesn't show network or the OpenVPN server side subnet which is On pfSense I am using subnet.

    ***I think my problem will be solved when I see all the networks in ARP tables like (Openvpn Tunnel of, pfSense side, and OpenVPN server side

    I appreciate some input on this.


  • You need to use openvpn in tap mode to see that.

  • It actually started working after I enabled IP forward on OpenVPN server or maybe addition of CCD folder in OpenVPN server helped. I hate it when I can't pinpoint the issue. Anyhow, even without the other side network showing in ARP table my VPN tunnel works fine. I guess I was wrong with my theory. But it would be nice to see them in ARP table anyhow.


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