Flexible home router (ALIX + PFSense) - help with cfg needed

  • I'm using ALIX 2D13 board with WLAN. Have installed latest snapshot, squid, HAVP, squid-guard, IP-Blocklist.
    WLAN is bridged with LAN. I'm using HDD installed inside.
    1st roblem is to get squid+HAVP+squid-guard running, I cannot bring them together. When enabled is blocking everything.
    2nd thing is to create rules for two hosts (Static IP from DHCPd) allowing them to use internet between 8AM and 10PM, then block all traffic.
    I would like to have as well simple rule to quickly "block" traffic from one host. I created schedule, connected with firewall rule on WLAN, but still traffic is going through pfsense.

    Any hints please.

  • small steps..

    add blocking rules above passing rules

  • I did, I tried under WLAN, now I have blocking rule under floating assigned with WLAN.
    Traffic is still going through.

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