• I wonder if my "perfect setup" is possible with pfsense?

    My ISP gives me a static /29 subnet, meaning I have 5 static public IP's at disposal. I rent out second flor of my house, and have cat5 connections up for him to use my network. I also have a nice neighbour I share my connection with, through two Linksys WRT54GS wireless routers.

    Of course, I have to limit their usage of bandwidth (kids with computers killing bandwidth, no matter how good connection you have :D ). I would also love to keep them out of my own subnet, but with a access to one of my servers. I must be able to connect to any units on their subnet.

    So I recon I set up an old desktop with pfsense, with 4 Intel NIC's: One for each static WAN IP, and one for each LAN subnets.

    I am no networking guru - is my thinking way off? Would it be easier if I use only 1 static WAN address?

  • Everything you want to do is doable with pfSense except multi interface traffic shaping. only 2 interface shaping is currently supported.

  • That's sad news for me then… :'( What about mOnOwall, I know they use a different shaper, do they support multiple interface shaping? Though, I am not sure I can give up pfsense for mOnOwall...

    One solution is of course to have two pfsense boxes, and use VPN or similar to connections between them... But that's more powerconsumption, noise, hardware etc.

    Thanks for the quick response anyway :)

  • m0n0 can do mulit interface shaping. We tried to integrate the m0n0 shaper to have an alternative but atm it looks like dummynet and pf have issues in freebsd. However, there is also a bounty to make the pfsense shapewr multi-interface-capable (see http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,2718.0.html ).