Network wifi hosts not able to communicate

  • Hello,

    I installed pfsense some time ago and for some reason i havent been able to find out why i can't communicate with other computers on my home network. It's actually the 4th time i install a pfsense box on a network, and it is the first time i experience this issue. The first thing i thought was the cause was the firewall rules that i set on the wifi segment, after deleting all previous rules and creating a rule which allows for any source to speak to any destination on the wifi subnet i still get the same issue of not being able to communicate with computers on the network. Is there something i am overlooking? below is my pfsense setup.

    Internet (PPP0E) -> Pfsense - Lan (Ethernet)
                                          - Wireless

    Any help would be appreaciated.

    If this may help, my setup is exactly the same as after a fresh install. The only thing i added was the configuration for the internet and the wifi network.

  • @g4hsean:

    If this may help, my setup is exactly the same as after a fresh install. The only thing i added was the configuration for the internet and the wifi network.

    It would be helpful to have more details, particularly about how you configured the wifi network: If it is not bridged with LAN, does it have DHCP server enabled? Do your WiFi clients configure by DHCP? Do WiFi clients see the wireless network? Do they get a correct IP address? Do you have a firewall rule on the wireless interface allowing access to LAN and Internet?

    What version of pfSense?

    Please provide more detail on can't communicate with other computers on the home network. How are you attempting to communicate (e.g. ping, ssh, web, ..) and what is reported when you attempt to communicate (e.g. timeout, no route to host, unknown host, …). Do you get different results if you attempt to communicate from a WiFi client to a host on LAN compared with attempting to communicate from a WiFi client to another WiFi client? how about LAN host to LAN host and LAN host to WiFi client?

  • Ok so my wifi network is configured as followed. It is not bridged with LAN, it does have DHCP server activated and gived out IP's in the C address range (24 bit address class). The wifi clients see the wireless network just fine and they are also able to connect and access the internet. The wifi clients also get the proper IP address and subnet mask as well as Gateway information provided by pfsense. I also have a firewall rule allowing WIFI subnet to access everything (*). I have the newest 2.0 version of pfsense.

    The problem i am having is complete access (Ping,NFS connections, RDP etc…). When i try communicating through ping it gives me host/destination not reachable. This only happens between wifi clients, LAN to LAN doesnt have this problem. I enven fired up wireshark on both computers i am trying to get to communicate and when i use computer A to ping computer B with wireshark running on computer B it shows no ARP request or ping protocol in capture file. I also tried capturing WIFI traffic on PFsense and i dont get any ARP or Ping traffic at all.

    Now with all this written up i want to share the solution to this problem for anyone else who has a stupid moment like mine. The cause for these problems are due to the fact that under my WIFI interface options for wireless AP Mode, i did not check the box "Allow intra-BSS communication" which caused all the previous posted problems. It's been almost a year since i installed a pfsense box and so i forgot that i needed this option for client to client communication. I hope this proves useful for others.

    Thank you wallabybob for all your help.

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