Packet Loss jumping erractic

  • I recently noticed last night on my new snapshot dated the 15/07/11

    my packet loss is going above 30% causing the internet to be slow.

    i have further investigated this and it seems something related to my bittorent traffic. when the bittorrent on my freenas drive downloads. the packet loss goes up and ping increase from 15ms to over 300ms

    I am confused as to what is causing this

    I dont have traffic shaper enabled

  • when i stop the transmissionbt. the RTT goes down to normal of 15ms, when its enabled its keeps climbing up to 300ms

  • I have this problem before, on WAN (pppoe)  i used ale0 nic card, the fault cleared when i change to intel nic. hope this help….

  • yes i done abit of googling and search around the forum and it seems its related to the NIC that are used.

    mine a realteks

    I dont know if thats the problem though. i need to be sure. is there anywhere i can search on the system logs or rrd graphs to diagnose this

  • does this help at all in understanding why ?

  • You're likely maxing out your upstream and/or downstream bandwidth, which will cause loss and jitter, just a fact of networking. 50% loss is excessive but not uncommon with residential ISPs as they tend to really start dropping your traffic once you start hitting P2P even before you hit your bandwidth limits.

  • thank you very much. you assumption was correct. Is was regarding maxing out my upload.

    What limitation would be recommended on a 1024 upload speed. shall i set the limit to 50Kib/s

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