PPTP and OpenVPN issues after 2.0 upgrade

  • Just upgrade from 1.2.3 where I had working PPTP (local subnet and OpenVPN (local subnet (  Since upgrading to 2.0 neither one is working correctly.

    I can establish a connection to both, but neither will allow traffic to pass either internally (within the subnets behind the firewall) or externally.

    I have manual Outbound NAT setup for both VPN subnets on the WAN interface to any.

    I have a Firewall Rule on WAN interface allowing UDP from any to port 1194.

    For PPTP connection, in the firewall logs, it shows pass for address, but I do see this error "bad hdr length 8 - too short, < 20]" I also cannot access any external address and the attempts only show connections to the external DNS servers.

    For the OpenVPN connection all external connections are blocked for some reason.

  • One other point is that the IPs of the external sites I try to reach never appear in the log.  In other words, the attempts to reach external sites never show up but oddly, the I see the connections to the external DNS servers.

  • Looks like this is the same issue as here:


    Can anyone comment?

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