Port forwarding issue

  • I am having an issue forwarding Port 2020 I dont know why, could anyone please enlighten me, also is it possible to port forward like this


  • You don't say what your issue is…
    Yes you can forward from multiple VIPs to the same server.

  • Can you please enlighten me how to DO it,The situation is like this I have two workstations and they both have ssh, I want to be able to ssh both using the same wan address on the outside is it possible?

  • You have to create a portforwarding (NAT) for every single destination-IP, say
    port 2020 -> and
    port 2021 ->

    Only fill the red marked entries and youre done. If you have problems reaching the local hosts, try enabling/disabling "NAT reflection" or set this systemwide at "Disable NAT Reflection for port forwards" under "System" - "Advanced" - "Firewall/NAT".

    With some special cases you have to put "Filter rule association" to "pass" instead of allowing to create a separate rule.

    Hope that helps you out.

  • Umm what do you do when your pfsense is being a crap box instead of a firewall and won't pass anything you setup?

    here is my setup

    WTF is happening? it should be good to go?

  • Then you start over and think what you want to achieve ;)

    Can you take your last added rule from wan side. and create port forward as previously mentioned?