• Hi,

    i'm trying to establish a connection  between my homebox (pfsense) and the firewall at our office. If 've a dynamic IP Adress at one site and a static (office) at the other.

    Trying to establish the connection, i got the following error messages (office):

    Jul 19 08:26:17 ia-fleuronova pluto[25350]: "server_0-helltest_sn-sn_192.168.105.0_24-"[1] #792: sending encrypted notification INVALID_ID_INFORMATION to
    Jul 19 08:26:27 ia-fleuronova pluto[25350]: "server_0-helltest_sn-sn_192.168.105.0_24-"[1] #792: Main mode peer ID is ID_IPV4_ADDR: ''

    @home the connection only timed out:

    racoon: ERROR: ignore information because ISAKMP-SA has not been established yet.
    racoon: []: [] ERROR: phase2 negotiation failed due to time up waiting for phase1 [Remote Side not responding]. ESP[0]->[0]

    Don't know what to do. Just posted this error at the german thread, but don't get an answer.

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