Shapping stopped working

  • I have no idea when shaping stopped working. I have pf-sense system routing internet services for several tenants in our corporate building. We use proxy arp gateways addresses on opt1 with those tenant routed networks on that same interface. We have been shaping for a while now using separate up/down queues for each tenant. Then we match their single ip or ip range via shaping rules to each queue. In the queue status page it appears like the queues are filling up, however when I do a speed test, I do not get the capped bandwidth i placed in m2 nor the m1 burst, just uses the full connection and the qOPT1Acks queue fills up. It looks like most everything is going into that queue.

    1 10Mbps Wan in
    1 opt1 out
    1 lan unused

    I have only parent queues, default queues, one ack queue per interface and then tenant queues, no voip, p2p.

    Can someone tell me how I can find out how to use pftop or a resource I can find to teach myself.

  • ::)  I thought Shaping only works with One Wan and One LAN. MultiLAN is not supported even in 2.0 RC3. having LAN as "unused" still counts. You're shaping from the OPT to the WAN have you set that in the Rules. The rules ask which int face to shape from, did you select LAN or OPT for the int.

  • @roja: i've used multilan setup succesfully now for three weeks. actually having 3 different lans.
    1 lan is priq(mine)
    2 others are set hsfc(others)

    and it works fine

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