NF96FL-525-LF - Please help

  • Hi everyone…

    I've been breaking my head with trying to get pfsense installed on this.  I am using the usb image.  The USB boots fine, I can get to the initial PFSENSE menu, and then it hangs at

    AP CPU #3 Launched!

    Then nothing.  I've tried booting in regular mode, and I end up with a prompt > and nothing else.  Same in safe mode.  If anyone could help me out I would greatly greatly appreciate it.

  • Ok, so I stubbornly wanted to make this work, and did!  SO in case anyone else is struggling with the same board…

    I had to install from a SATA dvd-rom drive, the USB would just not work with this board for some reason.  Once installed, then if you have 4 nics (1 onboard, plus daughterboard w/ 3) then you also need to disable the parallel port on the integrated peripherals setting in the BIOS.

    If you don't, this gives you an irq 7 interrupt broadcast storm error when plugging into re3 (nic 3).  Once I did that, I finally got this to work!

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