Widescreen package issue

  • Hi,
    I really enjoy the widescreen package but I have an issue with it:
    When installed and the browser refreshed, all seems to be fine for a while.
    But it seems that as soon as the information 'Current: xxx Mhz, Max xxx Mhz' appear in the CPU type section in the 'System Information' section then the result is pretty ugly as showned in the screenshot.

    Any idea?

  • You have to modify /usr/local/www/index.php
    Modify the line: var numofcols = parseInt(currwidth/400);

    var printed2 = false;
    var printed3 = false;
    var printed4 = false;
    var printed5 = false;
    var printed6 = false;
    var numofcols = parseInt(currwidth/400); // one column is minimum 350px
    if (numofcols < 2) numofcols = 2;
    var colpercent;  // column width in percents
    if (numofcols <= 2) colpercent = parseInt(100/numofcols-2);
    else colpercent = parseInt(100/numofcols-1);

    Modify it to 500 or 600 and that should get rid of the extra column.  I am working on some code changes for the widescreen package to add or delete columns with a button on the top of the page, but haven't had time lately to code much.

  • Perfect! It works!
    Hope to see soon an updated version of the cool package.

    Thanks again

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