Coming over from M0n0wall

  • So I really just need the NAT redirection (or reflection I guessed it's called these days?) feature and since I dont think it will ever be added to monowall I may need to try out pfsense.
    I was wondering if an export from monowall can be imported directly to pfsense?? Would be nice but I'm doubtful.
    Also, which version is the embedded version? 512k?
    Whats the easiest way to install to a CF card?
    Thanks for the help.

  • thanks

  • So I switched over last night. First thing I noticed was how slow pfsense is compared to monowall. took roughly 5 minutes just to boot up. Applying changes takes a good amount of time also. I checked the cpu usage and it shows normal but the disk usage is a 102%, why would that be??
    Using a 512M CF card with version 2.0RC3 i386 nanobsd 1821 (512M).

  • If you're running on a ALIX or even a WRAP, then yes pfSense will be considerably slower than monowall.
    But that's to be expected given that pfSense is more intended to run on beefier machines :)

    The first bootup can take a while.
    After that, if you don't have unconnected interfaces set as DHCP client, it boots usually in < 1min on an ALIX.

  • Using a Via Epia 1Ghz, 1G ram.
    Also, how come I can get to the webgui using http even though I have https selected? It converts the http to https automatically.

  • Yes with 2.0 a redirector was installed.

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