Problems with accessing modem

  • before any comment, i found the wiki:

    Because version 1.2.3 does not seems to work on my hardware, error: "Trying to mount root from cd9660:/dev/iso9660/pfSense", i now trying v2.0RC.

    According to the wiki i have to create interface OPT1 and choose the WAN interface (in my case xl0).
    When i press "save" i get the following error:

    The following input errors were detected:
        Port xl0 was assigned to 2 interfaces: WAN OPT1

    btw: i don't use PPPoE. I put my ADSL modem in bridge mode and give it a IP.

  • If you're not using PPPoE then you cannot assign the interface twice.
    Instead create an alias type virtual IP on the WAN in the subnet of the modem.

  • so, you mean i should follow the 1.2.3 notes?
    according to the wiki this should not be used with 2.0.

    If not, is this case described somewhere?

    another solution would be to make v1.2.3 work on my hardware. It looks if it can not find the dvd-drive. The hardware is: GA-MA78GM-S2H motherboard, Sony/NEC Optiarc AD-7201S DVD drive.

  • No, don't follow the 1.2.3 notes.
    These are for a PPPoE modem as well.

    What i'm talking about is:

    Go to "Firewall" –> "Virtual IPs"
    Click +
    Select as Type: IP Alias
    Interface: WAN
    Set an IP address in the subnet of the modem and set the subnet to whatever you have on the modem.

    The pfSense now has an IP in the subnet of the modem.
    After that go to "Firewall" --> "NAT" --> "Outbound"
    Enable "Manual Outbound NAT rule generation (AON - Advanced Outbound NAT)"
    Create a new rule:
    Interface: WAN
    Source: Your LAN-net
    Destination: Your modem-subnet
    Translation: select here the previously created Virtual IP.

    Now you should be able to access your modem from your LAN.

  • thanks works great!  ;D

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