How to choose which machine I remote desktop to?

  • I used the directions in to set up my NAT port forwarding and firewall rule and it works. I can remote desktop from a machine outside of my LAN to the one machine on my LAN using the WAN address on the pfsense box. What I'd like to do now is have multiple machines on my LAN (they are hooked up to a switch and the switch is hooked up to the LAN NIC on my pfsense box) and be able to distinguish (from the outside machine) which machine I'm RDPing into. Like I said already, right now I use the IP address of the WAN to RDP to my one machine on my LAN. Is there a way to use the IP of the machines on my LAN or some firewall rule magic that I can do? I'm using pfsense 2.0 RC3 i386 6/21/2011. Thank you.

  • If you have multiple computers you would like to access, why don't you save some trouble of opening your firewall and change it to an openvpn tunnel and tunnel everything over that connection.  It's more secure than what you are doing right now.

  • Thank you for the reply but I guess I should clarify. By 'outside' my network I meant still in the same building but different subnets. So if the WAN IP of my pfsense box is 123.456.789.111 and the LAN IP is and the range of machines on that LAN go from - I would like to remote into let's say from an address like 123.456.789.120. Right now I can do this but with just one machine (ex. I can only log into because the IP address I use to remote to that machine is the IP of the WAN (123.456.789.111). Can I do this?

  • Can you give an network design.  I must be misinterpreting what you're trying to exactly ask.  Still sounds like you're trying to do it through the wan connection.

  • Here is basically my setup

  • Make multiple NAT port forwards… use redirect target IP and redirect target port...

    Example: map WAN:3389 to, WAN:3390 to, WAN:3391 to

    On RDP client, use WANIP:3390 to get to, etc.

  • Thank you. I used your solution of port forwarding and it does work. I will just have to make a list of what port corresponds to which machine so I remember.

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