Dual wan - routing traffic to/from specified hosted vpn (lylix.net) to WAN1

  • Hi everyone

    I am extremely new at this, but I have been doing lots and lots of reading in getting this set-up.  I actually managed to solve an earlier hiccup just through reading, but I would really appreciate the guidance for this phase.

    I have setup my pfsense with 2 wans and 2 lans.  For the time being, I am ignoring Lan2 (opt2).

    I have a lylix.net hosted vpn for my trixbox set-up.  What I want is all traffic outgoing/incoming for this to use WAN1, and anything else to use WAN2 with failover on both ends.  Lylix gives me an address (i.e. http://202-lylix.net/ – not actual address, just example).

    Can anyone please help me out with this on how to config?  I can really use the help, thanks.

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