How do I statically assign my LAN IP addresses in pfsense?

  • Right now I have the setup in the picture. I want to be able to remote desktop to each machine's "real" IP address. Right now I can do it via port forwarding so is 3389, is 3390, etc. But it's not a great solution because the IPs are assigned via DHCP so when I reboot, disconnect, etc. The address can change (and it has already). I would like to have something more stable. Alternatively if using the "real" IP (say is the "real" IP of in the picture) is not possbile, is there a way to statically assign the LAN IP addresses so they don't change? I am using pfsense 2.0 RC3 i386 6/21/2011. Thank you.

    edit: I have tried giving each machine on the LAN a static IP on the actual NICs (in Windows- right click, properties, IPv4, static, etc.) and that just loses my connectivity.

  • "Services" –> "DHCP Server"
    Go to the bottom of the page.
    There you can define static IP assignment for DHCP clients.

  • Thank you for your solution it worked. Wenn Sie Deutsch sprechen, sage ich "Vielen Dank".

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