Please simplify sync issues…

  • Is there anyway the stickies above can be made more clear? I'm not a developer, but really like following what you guys are doing with IPv6. I have had no problems following directions in the past, but this has me confused.

    Are we supposed to us the mainline gitsync now? does this mean we don't need to follow the other git repo's?

    If we follow both, what is the actual git repo for IPv6 now?


    Also, my actual problem, i tried changing repo's, but have been left with no IPv6. When my router looks for the latest update, its says i'm on the latest, but no IPv6.

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    I agree it could be stated in one place and more directly..

    I'm not exactly 100% but this is what Im using and my ipv6 is still working ;)

    update url:
    git url: git://

    Now if your doing a playback gitsync it would look like this see other image but url is the same as git url above.

    If you following the rss feed on your dashboard then url is:

    hope that helps!  One thing I wish they would fix, but has nothing to do with pfsense is githubs asinine use of RC4 ssl for their CSS, come ON what the F is the point of SSL for your CSS??  Every time follow the rss feed links to github I have to enable RC4 in firefox ;)

  • Yeah, I think that's where I screwed up. The dates on the repo changes seemed pretty close to me, so I did a gitsync on the "mainline" repo, and just updated the url for the smos repo. Somehow it made me lose my IPv6 settings.

    I went though the how-to again, using your settings, and all my IPv6 settings are back. So thank you!

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